Bugasok Falls

How to get there?

My first experience is such an adventure.The bridge of the river is so scary.I and my friends fell nervous.When we  step forward  we all shout and scream because the bridge will swing .All of us are afraid.From then,we  pass the bridge slowly.Some of my company is not able to pass  in it .They step backward because they are afraid.We’re only few who could pass in the bridge.

When I look down into the river, I fell I’m dying because I don’t know how to swim.My body can’t move because of nervous.I  look  around  so that I can’t  fell how deep is the water.The surroundings are very cool and beautiful.The river is very clear and clean. I can  smell the fresh air from the plants planted in there.I have seen birds are  flying uphigh.Even I tighten my waist through a rope but still I fell the most scary things happen  in my life.

Agta Cave

My experience inside and outside the cave is such a weird adventure.First,I need to stoop when passing by a low stretch of the narrow mountainside trail to the agta cave.This experience I could not forget to sign a cruz before I reached the hole of the cave because what came first  in my mind was the face of the agta and I was so afraid to imagine its face.I could say,” help me God.After then my imagination was fade away.I called my friends.I asked them a favor to guide me.I reached the rope so that I wouldn’t split my legs.

The cliff is so steep and slippery.The courage in conquering the fears of height as well as not knowing what’s waiting for me in that cave is worthwhile.When I reached the ground of this cave,I couldn’t breathe because I’m fully nervous.I looked around  but I could not see anything because it was  so dark and I started to get afraid.Inside the cave,I put light on the dark area.I saw a bat and I screamed and asked for help.My friends was worried about me.They let me to come with them.From then,I would not go alone.

At close to noon,sunlight filters inside like blessing from heaven through the cave skylight.Because of the light,the surroundings are clear and I could see everything.The clearest thing inside the cave is the crystal stones appeared on the light.I wanted to get some of them but my friends avoid me because the agta might appeared.I’m afraid I decided to get out.I leave them inside.

First Time to Fly

“Oh my Goodness!”I’m so happy when my teacher adviser  let me to take the online exam.First thing I did I look  the questions on the internet.I think I could not answer the questions because  it was so difficult but one month later,my teacher said that I will ride an airplane to Pampanga to attend Camp Blog1B  seminar.I could not imagine myself riding in an airplane.It was my first time to fly and I don’t know what I am going to do inside the airplane.First I find my sit  and I read the booklet which gives an instruction for the passengers.I listened also the instuctions on the tv screen.I shy to myself because I don’t know how to fasten my seatbelt.I look another person and follow what she did.I sit near the window so that I can see the ground when we are above in it.I see a small island sorrounded with water.

I’m so excited and I could not imagine the thing I wished before is already achieved but the most important thing I did  my best to experience the rest which I haven’t made before.At last I could ride an airplane as my unforgettable experienced in my whole life.I’m not shy to tell coz in the reality from the start everybody is have this feeling what I have experienced now.

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